The Otherworld

In order to experience faeries you need to be in the quiet places of your spirit and remain open to anything magical. It is not just that we are surrounded by concrete, noise, and pollution, but that we have a difficult time attaining this open state.   We are used to being in a rush - usually for absolutely no reason - filling every moment with schedule and filling every moment outside of that with the meaningless crap on television. In short, we have a human tendency to keep our eyes wide closed from the time we are old enough to tell time until we are dead and buried. In between, everything is mechanical and socially acceptable, "plant the flowers, but donít look at them". Childhood has been sadly abbreviated, thus crushing enchantment, miracles, magic and wonder into a short little allowable span. Live this life, donít wait for the next one.

Enchantment exists where you let it. Not only in distant mist-clad lands covered in green mosses and magic, or green meadow, or water bank, or mountainside or secret woodland glen. There are places on this earth where one need not step in conformity. The natural world provides all the portals one could ever need, if one is open to it.

Upon your pending subscription to this fantasy freeform PBeM RPG you will be sent game documents to review, including information on the setting and character generation and submission.   This group is pretty active and players are expected to post several times weekly.

Email any questions to Rhonda at delerium911@yahoo.com