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A page for TSR's Planescape, a vast campaign environment for the AD&D game.

Right off, the whole tone of the page is rather dark and gloomy, with obscure references to beings and places most will know nothing about.. The introductory page is pleasant looking, but the real meat of the site is behind the list of links down the left-hand side of the page..
The idea behind Planescape is to have, and to create (since so little of the Planes are mapped or otherwise described) an endless and unique campaign environment in which AD&D adventurers can do their gaming.
Firstly, for those who know little of Planescape the "Planescape FAQ" contains most of the pertinent information about what is what.
There is also an art gallery with art from several talented persons.. Some of it is quite scenic while some of it is quite disturbing.
The rest of the site contains Planescape Fiction (usually pretty dark stuff), Theories, News, Collection of NPC's, Monsters, and Overviews of the campaign environments' various factions and places.. Most of the information is presented in a way that could be described as "In Character", it is written as if it was someone in the game speaking to you or your character.
Probably the best aspect of the Planescape campaign setting is that maybe for the first time AD&D has a campaign setting that is mostly original and yet still open to a lot of gamemaster customization, finally something for ad&d that doesn't resemble a rip-off of a Tolkien novel.

Planescape Site

Mark James
RPG Critic