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John's Roleplaying Game Page.

I only call attention to this page for those who are not currently involved in Roleplaying and wish to know more about it or for those who may be interested in reading an article located here on different styles of Roleplaying, and the Pros and Cons of them.. Particularly interesting to me was Part II of that article entitled Plotting Distinctions.
Of course, beyond the mentioned article, there are dozens of links to gaming information on the internet, links to Gaming Companies who produce the various RPG's we play, and an interesting list of free games available off the net, although since most of them are created by players and not companies, many are fairly low quality or even unplayable..but there are bound to be some gems to be found somewhere in there.
The author of this page also has details of some of the campaigns that he has been involved with and a huge list of links to other RPG-related sites that may hold something of interest to some of you.

Johns Rpg Page

Mark James
RPG Critic