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The Window.

The Window is a bare-bones roleplaying system, it focuses on the story as the primary element to the roleplaying game, and thus more emphasis is placed on storytelling than statistics and die rolls. This site is broken into various sections which explain the system fairly well, by all means read the section entitled "Welcome" first before skipping on to any of the other pages, The Window is almost a total departure from the "roll-playing" sort of gaming where characters are defined by a huge collection of statistics and attributes with complex combat systems.. There is still some die rolling, but most of it is simplified and uses words to describe how good someone is at a particular thing and associates those words with a certain die, which is then rolled when the skill or attribute is tested, with success or failure determined by how difficult the Storyteller decides a given thing is, he provides a target number which the player rolls his die and tries to score below.
What this game isn't is a system for beginning roleplayers, as its focus is almost exclusively on story and not game mechanics,combat or lists full of equipment.
What's more, its basically free, as it is simple and does not include huge amounts of data on weapons,vehicles and equipment like many other systems (many of those type of supplements are what make games cost so much), it can be downloaded from the site in an non-paper format but will require the Adobe Acrobat reader software which can be acquired from http://www.adobe.com/
The Window might just be worth checking out for those roleplayers who are sick of overly mechanical games but don't feel like playing a vampire or werewolf <g>

The Window

Mark James
RPG Critic