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A Harnpage.

Harnpage is a resource page for fans of the medieval roleplaying game Harn.
It is not a flashy page, there are not tons of images or animated icons or flashing lights, but it does have a wealth of information for the Harn game behind its various links.
Harn itself is a "low-fantasy" medieval roleplaying system which highlights a realistic concept of the medieval era, it is mostly akin to feudal England during the Norman period, but has other aspects to it as well.. The combat system for the game is vivid, more realistic than most other medieval games and somewhat brutal. Characters can be killed sometimes with a single strike, or battle can go on for a quarter hour or more..
There are fewer monsters to best than in most games of this sort and generally less wealth and magical excess. Harn is primarily a game for roleplayers who wish to portray a more believable well-rounded character rather than a prefabricated class or archetype of character.
It should also be noted that there are two versions of Harn, a first and second edition of the game exist. Currently, only the second edition is available from Columbia Games
I myself prefer the first edition but it is no longer available. Harnpage exists as a resource and list of information mostly for current players of the game, rather than an actual "fanpage" meant to introduce new players, but there is a FAQ listed on the page that is somewhat helpful to those curious about the game and if interested be sure to read the General Introduction section as well.

A Harnpage

Mark James
RPG Critic