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Anders Mage Page

Anders' Page is fairly spartan without even a big multi-colored background (how refreshing). It is comprised primarily of a collection of links to texts and images related to Mage, luckily though, most of the content that these links lead to is housed on his site and thus you're not being sent to five or six different websites by his links.. Those that do send you someplace else are fairly obviously marked.
There are several texts for the game which he himself had a hand in authoring and thus aren't really official additions or rules for the game, but interesting nonetheless. There are sections on NPC's, Philosophy, Artifacts, The Traditions and so forth.. Fairly self-explanatory.
P.S. I had a difficult time finding many good pages for Mage, with exception of White Wolf's own page.. one of the other ones I did find that wasn't bad hadn't been updated in two years <g>


Mage: The Ascension by White Wolf Games

Mark James
RPG Critic