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Ragnar's Moon Trading Guild

This site was referred to me by someone who thought fans of the Star Wars RPG might find it intriquing.  The site is based on the concept that visitors are meant to be "In Character" as inhabitants of the Star Wars universe. And in that form it is quite interesting as it is laid out as an actual place in the universe with the various nefarious characters that dwell there. The sections of the place are based on the different locales that a character  would likely find in a large spaceport or merchant district, there is a database of game-related data on dozens of spacecraft, weapons, and pieces of  equipment, places to buy and sell goods virtually with other players, a bazaar of sorts with virtual stores and such like..

Some of the sections are incomplete as of yet, but there is alot to peruse nonetheless.. Its quite obvious that someone put alot of thought into this site, which is more than can be said of much of whats on the web these days. In design, it is quite an impressive display of html work, the site is thoughtfully planned out with pleasant unobtrusive backgrounds and neat buttons. Certainly worth a look.. Although for those who are unfamiliar with Star Wars RPG it may seem somewhat strange.


Mark James
RPG Critic