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Whirls Roleplaying Pages

  These pages deal with online multi-user roleplaying games, of which there are many.. Mostly this page deals with MUDs, most of which are text-based non-graphical games which have numerous players each with their own agendas and personalities.. This must be realized before trying to play one. As the object is not to 'win', but rather to create a character with a persona and background which you devise, and then portray how you think it would behave based on what you've created.

  Most such games try hard to be realistic. Not physically or historically, but rather socially. In real societies, one doesn't last long if they walk out their front door, hack someone down in the street, taking the person's belongings and continuing on as if nothing happened. And such characters dont usually last long in MUDs either.

  The goal is usually the portrayal. You essentially are taking the part of an actor, and should act according to the motivations and beliefs of the character you create. This page tries to explain this, as this is basically what roleplaying is, at least in my opinion.

  As in the best roleplaying games..there is no way to win, they go on until your character dies. Just like real life.. no way to win <g> Whirl's pages are fairly straight-forward and need little explaining. I do suggest that any interested be sure to check the link titled 'Survival Guide' on the page, as it covers some of what I've tried to explain here, as well as more game-specific guidelines so new mud players don't run into too much trouble their first couple times.

  For those who are already familiar with these types of online games, check out http://www.photobooks.com/~harsh/ for some information on what I consider to be an excellent mud, Harshlands, which is based on the medieval gameworld Harn, created by N.Robin Crossby. The page for Harshlands is kinda crappy, but gets some basic information out. It also invites people to try the game via telnet, but this option is really pathetic.. And any actually interested should download a mud-client like Zmud or something before trying to play in earnest. If you have difficulties finding it with a search, which I sincerely doubt, then just email me for help.


Mark James
RPG Critic