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The Something

I know, I know. There is usually nothing worthwhile on Geocities webpages, but this week I managed to find a worthwhile AD&D related page there. After my gripes about lack of up to date AD&D information and links the other week, I thought it would be a good idea to come across with something.

The something is a fairly up-to-date (as of 1/13/98) page consisting mostly of links to other AD&D related pages, web rings, online campaigns,etc. This seems to be what I've noticed on most AD&D webpages.. A large and colorful collection of links to other pages that have large and colorful collections of more links, if one isn't careful they can end up following link after link in an almost endless circle around the net (something i'm sure most of you have noticed with other types of webpages as well).

The particular page mentioned above does have a large assortment of links, far too many for me to have checked out all of them. It has several large and interesting fantasy-type pictures and an offer from the webmaster to would-be GM's to email in their questions about GM'ing for him to answer. As well as links to several roleplaying groups and societies.

On the negative side, because this is a Geocities page, it takes an exceedingly long time to load altogether and the numerous Geocities related banners and links don't help the look of the page at all, but I suppose one shouldn't complain when its free, right?

The Something

Obligatory Rating Thingy: 2 of 5 (3 for content minus 1 for the Geocities crap) cya!

Mark James
RPG Critic