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The Realm of Gaia

This webpage (and its related links) pertain to the much venerated Werewolf:The Apocalypse by White Wolf The background is basic black with nice artwork (mostly cannabalized from White Wolf related material) and pretty links that lead to lots of game information, story oriented stuff, legends, graphics, details on various mystical items and powers for the game,etc
There is an err..interesting little do-dad that invites you to "Kill a Fomor and Save the Sept" This takes you to an image map that calls up images of a mutilated creature depending on where you click on the presented image map (it is not pretty nor politically correct, so avoid if you're a bible-thumping do-gooder) There is plenty on the page and pages it links to that could entice someone into finding out more about the game or giving it a try, it seems mostly directed at gamers who prefer dark high-fantasy type games or those who aren't thrilled with our world (who is?) and wouldn't mind something different.
Under "Personal Info" you can get a glimpse of the page's creator, there are pictures of him and his friends (which could make many older adults scared of just who is going to running things in another twenty or thirty years) and a list of music he likes from a long list of bands i've never heard of (except Sisters of Mercy) Anyhow thats it..i'm done.

Realm of Gaia
Obligatory rating thingy: 4 of 5

Mark James
RPG Critic