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Yarmouth Star Wars RPG Home Page

A nice little page detailing some adventures in the Star Wars RPG universe. Most of the links lead to details of the campaigns and adventures that this particular group have had with the Star Wars RPG system. Obviously, the idea behind the game is fairly simple, players take the persona of, or create their own Star Wars characters to portray in the unique and interesting universe created by George Lucas a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away..
Graphically, the page is fairly nice with the expected starfield background and star wars music playing, although with no discernable way to turn off the music it does get annoying after awhile, even so, there are several nice looking animated images and the page is fairly short.. not nearly as irratating as some of those webpages out there which go on for what seems like forever.
Clicking on the link for the Star Wars Web Ring will take you to other related SWRPG sites on the net. til next time.. cya


Mark James
RPG Critic