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Ok, you are invariably thinking "What the hell is Usagi Yojimbo? That doesnt even sound like English" and you would be right.  The Usagi Yojimbo RPG is a roleplaying game based on comic book characters by Stan Sakai and is published by Gold Rush Games using the Fuzion Game System.  Escentially, the game deals with anthropomorphic (animal) characters living in 17th century feudal Japan. The characters are typically based on various types of warriors living during that time, such as Samurai and Ninja.

The game, much like the comic, uses much Japanese language and style as well as hints at some of the custom and structure of feudal Japanese soceity.  There will be references to various ancient japanese clothing, items and people.  For example, on the homepage for the Usagi comic there is a blurb which contains the phrase "So jump into your hakama,grab your daisho and prepare to visit 17th century Japan" there are many who won't know what is being referred to there.. but the information is out there in various FAQs and such.. for those who are curious, a hakama is a long split skirt that the samurai wore to hide their leg movements from their opponents, and daisho refers to the warriors' set of swords (daisho- long & short) typically the katana and wakizashi.

There are several interesting links on the main Usagi Yojimbo Dojo website  which should not be missed.. explore them if you wish There is also the phone number for a video outlet which sells samurai movies for those of you who are Akira Kurosawa fans, although i'm not sure where it is located from the area code.  As for the Usagi RPG page, there is a FAQ which answers some questions, and links to a discussion board and details of Usagi Yojimbo's World.

The Usagi character himself is a rabbit.. a katana-wielding ronin (masterless samurai) rabbit in his late twenties. Neat eh?

From the Usagi Yojimbo's World link you can get to another link which will take you to an Usagi Q&A   which has much more information than the small FAQ on the original page.

If I were Siskel&Ebert i'd give it two thumbs up..


Usagi Yojimbo Homepage

Mark James
RPG Critic