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Shadow Sprite's Unauthorized Guide to Roleplaying Games

This page is a little different than some of the past ones i've reviewed. Shadow Sprites's Guide to RPGs is a collection of Reviews of the games themselves, rather than simply a page about a particular game.
Most of the major game systems are covered, with reviews pertaining to many of the more popular games, as well as some i've never heard of.. Nonetheless, its a good place to start if someone is just being introduced to Roleplaying and doesn't know which game they would like to start with. In that case, they could easily and quickly (the page isn't very graphic heavy) peruse thru reviews of more than two dozen games to try find one, or more, that interest them, or into which they could fit as a player.
The reviews themselves are modest in length and direct to the point, at the close of each review the reviewer lists the positive and negative aspects of the game along with their final impression, the name of the company which publishes the game, and the average cost one could expect to pay for the product.
As a final note, the page is hosted by RPG.NET and there is a link on the page to take you back to their site, which contains tons of reference material about gaming in general, monthly columns on games and gaming, and other neat tidbits.
If you care for ratings, i'd give this page a 4 out of 5 for good content and quick, easy access to the reviews without alot of annoying animations or banners.

Shadow Sprite

Mark James
RPG Critic