Pentacon 14

Nov 13th through 15th In Fort Wayne Indiana

Well our 14th attempt at a convention is "in the bag". As has been the case, we again took over the entire downstairs section of The Grand Wayne Center, a great facility in the heart of Fort Wayne. Our Featured guests included Fantasy artist Susan Van Camp, Master Modeler Matthew McWhirt, AD&D author Ed Greenwood, and creator of Knights of the Dinner table Jolly Blackman.

We had SCA there to add color, demonstrate the manly arts of combat. This year SCA also included a fencing demo and some renascence dancing. We had some great costumes for the costume competition this year and the quality of the miniatures this year made the judging extremely tough.

The Klingon contingent was there in force running an "Incarceration for Hire" service to benefit our charities, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Literacy Alliance. Daily raffles also contributed to the almost $2500 raised for those worthy groups.

Gaming is the focus though. RPGA hosted 4 Living City modules with a record 12 tables actually running and a 2 round AD&D open event. Darkus Thell (a locally designed fantasy game) also made a strong showing. Plenty of other RPGs were also played. There were lots of miniatures games too. Ogre, Circus Maximus, a large scale Star Wars Space battle and more were run. This was the 3rd year for the Vampire LARP and it is growing every year. Lots of computer games were played in the "Komputer Korner" PCs, Mac and Atari were all represented. I am sure I have missed several important games and I apologize for that.

The dealers area was well populated, and we had a great diversity. There was a framer to help those that purchased some of the great art work available … there was a weapon dealer for those needing the perfect complement to their costume … those needing new miniatures, terrains, and the like had a lot to choose from.

Mike D.
RPG Columnist