Role-playing Tutorial

Who Would You Like to Be Today?

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Who would you like to see? Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong century, or that you're filled with the spirits of strangers? Maybe you'd just like to really be BAAAD for once, instead of playing by the rules of today's society. If any of this sounds familiar, then maybe role-playing is for you.

From its humble beginnings with Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game, this unique pastime has grown to include not only many more fantasy and medieval style RPGs but futuristic and present day games as well. Who shares the space in your brain? A heroic warrior or great magician? How about a wily thief or mysterious druid? Even the most computer illiterate can be a great cybernetic whiz as a 'decker' in the futuristic Shadowrun game. Do you feel the Force waiting to be shaped by your thoughts? Then try Star Wars Elite Forces. If the creatures of the night ignite your imagination then howl with the wolves or plot with the vampires in the World of Darkness Werewolf and Vampire:The Masquerade games. All of these are sure to give you somewhere to let out those other people wandering around in your mind.

"Sounds great," you say, "but where can I find out how to play these games?" Since you made it this far you're in the right place. Look around our little funhouse and all your questions can be answered. Follow the links to your own imagination and see who you'd like to be, or who comes out to visit you in the mirror next time you look. Hope to see you in one of our worlds soon.

Sonja :)

Sonja Torres
RPG Columnist


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