Vampire the Masquerade

We are Brujah

"Down with the system!"
"Revolution is at hand!"
"It's time for change!"
"It just isn't fair!"

Who's going to change it? Who has what it takes to do more than whine about injustice? Who is equipped not only to see where change is needed, but to defy the status quo and actually take up the battle?


"We came, we saw, we kicked its ASS!"
At the shriveled heart of every Brujah is a need to right the wrongs of society. All their clan disciplines revolve around what it takes to bring about change. Restless without a battle to fight, they may become bullies or lone wanderers creating chaos in their wake. Give them a cause, however, and their true nature blossoms.
Rage is the Brujah's best known trait, yet it is merely the result of generations of honing a very special tool: righteous anger. Rebellions occur when the oppressed can't take any more. When someone finally says, "This isn't right," and gets mad enough to do something about it, more often than not, that somebody is a Brujah or, if he's lucky, the friend of a Brujah. It's not easy overthrowing the powers that be. It takes a lot of people and a lot of strength. Using their powerful disciplines of Presence, Potence and Celerity, the Brujah can provide these requirements to their chosen causes.

Many injustices go unchallenged for lack of support. Using their special gifts with people, Presence and charisma, when a Brujah talks, people listen. By exerting the full force of their personalities to back their beliefs, this clan can raise awareness or raise an army. Just as important, they can sustain these things through much difficulty and opposition. They can provide the heart an outnumbered army needs to stay focused and even win against their opponents. They can fuel the fires of outrage through bitter losses that would otherwise break the spirit of a rebellion. They can provide hope when there is nothing else to offer.

Any rebel knows that change is more often brought about violently however. No self-respecting Brujah would fuel a rebellion he wasn't willing to fight in. Here is where the clan's exceptional physical abilities are invaluable. Brujah, as any person of power knows, make excellent soldiers. In either a quick coup or a well-planned war, their ability to strike fast and hard has caused more than one overthrow in the annals of history. The coup is more their style, but if well-directed by a strategist, any cause they fight for has a much greater chance of success. This has caused them as much pain as glory however, as many a wise general makes sure a tool too powerful is destroyed when it is no longer needed. A wise prince or insightful enemy may rightly fear a unified Brujah faction in his city. Fortunately for them, this clan of extreme individualists can rarely agree on anything for long. Still, anyone with a cause to fight for or a need for good soldiers considers himself lucky if he can convince any Brujah to cast their support to the effort.

Even though the Brujah penchant for revolution is often a thorn in the side of the Camarilla, there may be another reason they strive for tolerance. In creatures that live so long, the need to remain connected to the present and maintain flexibility with changing times is partly in the hands of the Brujah. With their quick insight into injustice, oppression and social change, this active clan helps keep the others from losing touch with the times and falling into stagnation that could ultimately impair their ability to maintain the Masquerade. Along with the Toreador, the Brujah are perhaps the most intimately involved with the general population of mortals and the winds of social change. The Ventrue may hold the reigns of power in business circles, but the Brujah are linked to the hearts and souls of the masses whose wants and needs eventually shape the fate of the world.

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Sonja Torres
RPG Columnist


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