Online PnP Role-playing

I recently stumbled upon this role-playing community and I must say I am very impressed with the utility they have put together for gaming online.  OpenRPG is an open source free program for gamers.

The OpenRPG program features a load of necessary functions that many chat gamers have been hoping and praying for.  Dice rolling, white board, miniatures, interactive character sheets that calculate stat bonuses to skills and armor class and more.  To run the program you need to download three packages and install them in the order specified on their downloads page but the files are not that large and the program is well worth it.

Features include:

  • d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d100 rolling capability

  • Multiple dice rolled

  • A field to add bonuses to die roll

  • Type in [1d3+1] to get the program to spit out a dice roll of 1d3+1

  • Chat and emote system with colored, bold, underlined text settings

  • Built-in Character Sheet creation ability

  • Stock Character sheets for 3eDnD, d20, and Star Wars

  • Stock Character sheets have built in macos and autocalculation

  • You can right click on stats or skills or weapons in stock character sheets and the roll will be sent to the chat window

  • Created character sheets rely on pressing buttons for stat checks, etc but the functionality to create character sheets like the stock character sheets is on the horizon

  • Python and XML are used to create much of the automation within the program

  • URL links from your Game Tree

  • Spreadsheets

  • White board with the ability to use squares or hex and set the size of either in solid lines or dotted, colored background or image background, etc.

  • You can right click on miniatures to set many options such as labeling, facing or heading

  • Miniatures may be loaded from any .gif format and the program allows you to label them or leave them picture images.  In this manner you can spice up a colored background with tree and bush images, rocks, campfire, etc.  Just add monsters for a combat scene!

openrpglayout.jpg (154489 bytes)
Click on Image to see a large picture of OpenRPG in action

Visit OpenRPG  Download OpenRPG FREE 

I have found some background maps, items and character images and stored them for download.  Role-play Mini's HERE

You can use the Izandawo map creator at Realmcreator to make some nice looking background maps for your adventure scenes. Get it and many stock images HERE