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Some very talented people have written things over the years for Role-play and they are not forgotten, we keep them here.  If you want to write something memorable, just let us know.  Email US!

Sonja Torres 

Who Would You Like to Be Today? 

We are Brujah!

Dungeons and Dragons the Movie

Dana Anthony

The Essence of Character

David Washburn 

What is Role-playing  

Mike D. 

Pentacon 14 Review


What is Roleplaying?Character Creation * First Time * Gamers Inn


Contemplation * Carrion_Comfort * Tools of the Trade

Advance Scout

28/04/98 Alternity * 05/05/98 Star Wars Hideouts and Strongholds * 12/05/98 Deadlands Fire and Brimstone * 26/05/98 TSR Dungeon Builders Guidebook * 02/06/98 Sketches, Maps, SJ Games and more * 09/06/98 Gen Con Game Fair 98 * 16/06/98 Shadowrun, Target: Smuggler Havens * 30/06/98 Hercules and Xena * 07/07/98 Week Off * 14/07/98 TSR Greyhawk: The Adventure Begins * 24/07/98 Star Trek Next Generation * 23/11/98 CoC Cult Guide and Star Trek NG Narrators Kit * 01/07/98 RPG's Throughout the 80's and 90's


22Dec97 What is to become of the RPG Industry? * 29Dec97 The Computerization of the RPG Industry * 12Jan98 The Movie Industry's Representation of the RPG Industry * 19Jan98 Roles, Rolls, and Rules: A Look at the Various Ingredients of a True RPG * 27Jan98 Singularity and Multiplicity: A View on World Spanning Gaming Systems * 03Feb98 Updates: A Necessary Evil? * 17Feb98 Death: Just Another NPC? * 03Mar98 Party Mentality: Cooperation or Competition * 10Mar98 Magical Weapons: Meaningless Tools or NPCs? * 23Mar98 Cost VS Enjoyment: A Look at RPG Marketing * 07Apr98 Serious Gaming or Lighthearted Enjoyment (Part I) * 14Apr98 Serious Gaming or Lighthearted Enjoyment (Part 2) * 21Apr98 Combat: An RPG Necessity? * 05May98 Introductions and a Prelude * 12May98 GM Purpose Series: Player Foiler * 26May98 GM Purpose Series: Another Player


20Dec97 For Vampire: The Masquerade Fans27Jan98 The Something * 03Feb98 The Something * 03Mar98 The Realm of Gaia * 23Mar98 Hoody's Underground AD&D Links * 07Apr98 Yarmouth Star Wars RPG Home Page * 14Apr98 The Usagi Yojimbo Homepage * 28Apr98 Shadow Sprite's Unauthorized Guide to Roleplaying Games * 05May98 A page for TSR's Planescape, a vast campaign environment for the AD&D game. * 12May98 John's Roleplaying Game Page. * 19May98 The Window. * 26May98 A Harnpage. * 02June98 Anders Mage Page * 16June98 The Home Page for Evil "Cthulhu for President" * 23June98 Ragnar's Moon Trading Guild * 07July98 Whirls Role-playing Pages

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