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Byakhee is an investigator generator for the role playing game Call of Cthulhu. In addition to generating investigators, it also prints out character sheets and player handouts. has mirrored this site to ensure its content is never lost but please visit the original site at the following link.


  • Fully scriptable investigator sheets and handouts.
  • WYSIWYG interface.
  • In-place editing.
  • Investigator wizards help to create instant investigators.
  • Select any GIF, JPEG, PNG or Bitmap file to use as a portrait.
  • Export to HTML.
  • External skill, occupation, sheet and weapon lists - create your own rule packs with ease.


        WizardMain Screen


        Sheet Dialog Box

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Main Downloads

Byakhee 3.01(408K)
This comes with the Call of Cthulhu 5.0 rule pack and investigator sheet, a small NPC investigator sheet and a telegram handout. It also contains the greater and lesser spell books from the v5.0 rulebook. Now includes the back of the sheet too. (Also available as a separate download, below)

This version should now work with accented characters, such as "" etc. You can now send handouts via e-mail from the file menu, and HTML export has been updated to include Cthulhu 5.5 support.

For portraits, have a look  or the child film stars gallery .

MFC 4.2 Runtimes (594K)
These files are required by Byakhee to run correctly, although you may already have these .DLL files.

Additional Character Sheets

To use a character sheet, unzip it into the same folder where you unzipped Byakhee. After it has been unzipped, it can be selected from the drop-down list box on the Byakhee toolbar.

Sheet Back for Call of Cthulhu (2K)
This is the long-awaited second page of the standard Call of Cthulhu investigator sheet.

Additional Rule Packs

To use a rule pack, simply unzip it into the same folder where you unzipped Byakhee. After it has been unzipped, you should be able to start using the new rule pack immediately.

Call of Cthulhu 5.5 Rulebook
New skills and a new character sheet. [UPDATED]

Walker in the Wastes
New skills.

1930's Antarctic Explorer (from Beyond The Mountains of Madness)
New skills and occupations.

Delta Green
New skills, occupations, weapons and a new sheet. You may also want the
droid font, below.

1920s Investigator Companion
New skills and occupations.

New skills, occupations, weapons and a new spellbook.

Loads of Rulebooks
New skills, weapons and loads of occupations.

Additional Handouts

To use a handout, simply unzip it into the same folder where you unzipped Byakhee. After it has been unzipped, select "new" from the menu (or toolbar) and click on the "handout" tab. Select the handout to create.

Calendar Set 1
Two yearly calendars, one with Sundays highlighted in red.

Newspaper Clippings Set 1
Two newspaper clipping handouts - one wide, one tall.

Additional Scripts

To use a script, simply unzip it into the same folder where you unzipped Byakhee. After it has been unzipped, select "new" from the menu (or toolbar) and click on the "script" tab. Select the script to run.

Resistance Roller
This script from Ian Millington calculates the resistance roll.

Other Language Translations

This section contains handouts and rule packs etc. that have been translated into other languages, as well as links to web sites that host tranlsated Byakhee items.

Xavier Belanger's page has a few French translations.

French Translation of the main Byakhee data files.
Castel has translated most of Byakhee's core data files into French. You'll still need the main Byakhee zip file, though.

German Translation of some of the sheets [updated]
Axel Sartorius has translated the front and back of the character sheet, the NPC sheet and the lesser and greater spell grimoires.

Spanish Translation of Coc5.5.rul
This newer translation includes support for Byakhee 3's additional features.

Spanish Tranlsation of coc5.rul
has translated the coc5.rul file into Spanish.

Spanish Sheet Translations
Jacinto Quesnel's page has Spanish translations of the main Byakhee sheets.

Other Downloads (279K)
The previous version of Byakhee. (version 2.0) (10K)
Droid Font by
Ray Larabie. This is almost like the Delta Green font and the Delta Green rule pack will use it automatically if it's installed. (180K)
Italian version of the sheets from Byakhee 2.0 by
G.M. (you'll also need (422K)
The source code to the previous version of Byakhee.

These files are provided totally free of charge and is totally unsupported. The author or site host cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss or revenue, etc. caused by the use of this software.

Call of Cthulhu is a registered trade mark of Chaosium Inc.
All images used on the investigator sheet are either Chaosium Inc. or the Delta Green Partnership.
Published by arrangement with the Delta Green Partnership. The intellectual property known as Delta Green is ™ and the Delta Green Partnership, who has licensed its use here. The contents of this document are David Harvey, excepting those elements that are components of the Delta Green intellectual property.
If any copyright or trademark messages are incorrect, please let me know!
The Cool Byakhee logo was created by
Tolga Yanasik [home page]

Byakhee got a rating of 4 Starsfrom ZDNet.


Gratuitous Lovecraft ImageFrequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I create my own rule packs?
A. A more in-depth ByakheeScript programming guide will be released soon. For the moment, use the following quick guide:

Q. Where is the source code to Byakhee 3?
A. I have decided not to release the source code to the latest version of Byakhee because I have spent so much time on it. If you really, really want it, e-mail me.

Q. Can I translate Byakhee into another language?
A. It's easy to translate the sheets, handouts and rule packs - just open them in a text editor. Feel free to put them on your web site or whatever once they're done. It's a bit harder to translate the dialogs and messages in the program itself and is beyond the scope of this Q & A.

Known Issues
Byakhee does not function correctly on Windows NT. If the screen resolution is much below 1024x768, the investigator sheet will appear much too small (it will print OK, though). To make matters worse, the cause for this is not known...


  Subject: Review of Hero Games Call of Cthulhu Creator software
Date: 04/09/99
To: strange-aeons

"I purchased the newly-released CoC Creator software from Hero Games today, and have been working with it all evening, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts and feelings. The product is billed as "Complete Character Creation Utility Software". I paid $25 US, which is list price.

Production values are a bit thin. It comes packaged in a VCR tape box of the cheapest manufacture I have ever seen, with a short manual produced in black and white on a photocopier. Program is on two 2.5" floppies. But production values and packaging are not really important when one buys software. The proof is in the program.

The windows interface works well, and is pretty slick overall. There are some annoying problems which I might consider bugs, but could also be explained away as just rough finishing or lack of final testing. The first is that when you "roll the dice" to create your new character, a window pops up covering the results which requires you to make several decisions and comittments about the character BEFORE YOU CAN SEE THE DIE ROLL RESULTS!! I tried three different ways to get around this problem, but the program is cleverer than me, and successfully prevented me from moving any of the windows either before or after the coverup. Then if you want to reroll, you must discard that character and start over. This is not a stopper, only annoying, but compares poorly with the slick "reroll" buttons provided on both of my "freeware" CoC character generator programs. There are a couple of other annoying limitations, each of which can be worked around with a small kludge, nothing crucial.

The really nice things about this program are the extensive lists of equipment, tomes, spells, entities, and weapons included. When clicked upon, each of them automatically prints out on the character sheet, with some background information. For the equipment and weapon lists, the embedded costs automatically subtract from the money available to the character. This is a cute feature. This program prints out the "back" of the character sheets as well as the fronts.

However, once character creation was complete, and the character sheet was printed out, I found myself disappointed. The overall appearance of the sheets is inferior to that of those printed out by Byakhee, and as pointed out before, Byakhee is freeware.

So, overall, if anyone is interested, I will be happy to send you my copy of Hero Games' CoC Creator Software for $15, including shipping anywhere in the US. I'm going back to Byakhee." - Chick Lewis

Reproduced with permission


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