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First Time

I thought you all might like to hear about the first D&D game I ever DM'ed. My mother & little brother were the players. It was basic D&D nothing fancy & I'd planned a really great adventure into a neighboring castle. Along the trail to the castle they stopped in a cave to get out of the rain. They started a lovely fire & were sitting listening to the rain. They asked, "What else do we hear?" I told them the usual cave sounds bat squeaks, drops of water, & such. So then they decided to investigate their temporary shelter. There were two smaller rooms one to the left & one to the right. They chose the one on the left & discovered a kobold hiding in the shadows. He'd run back here when they entered to avoid them. They of course didn't waste any time in dealing with him. It should've constituted a complete alignment change of my mothers' character the way she acted. But thanks to some great rolls from them they all to quickly finished off the poor creature. I was going to have him run past them but my brother anticipated the move. Searching the current cavernous room revealed nothing but bats on the ceiling & another smaller room adjoining it. In this room they found a moldy old chest. Upon opening the chest they found; 32gp, two very small shields, a dagger, a small hammer, & two dozen spikes. These were items I had thought they might find useful in the castle, but they hadn't bought when creating their characters.

While going through the trunk they were completely unaware of the ceiling in this room. A green slime came down upon them both & destroyed them. They missed saving throws & did everything wrong, to try & escape it that they possibly could have. This was the end of their adventure.

If my players had stayed in the large first cave they would've been awakened by the sounds of the kobold struggling with the green slime and the bats fleeing the cave. Then they could've figured out how to destroy it. In the single room to the right was a very large spider. Had they gone in there the kobold would've slipped out of the cave. The green slime would've moved into the spider cave to clean up after they had destroyed the spider, & they would have heard that instead.

I never intended to kill them off so quickly or so easily. The whole thing only lasted about thirty minutes. The rest of the adventure is still in the closet. This just shows that no matter what or how a DM plans his adventure it's not really his at all it's the players. They decide all of the action that takes place all the DM can do is try to guide them. I've learned much since that first time. Perhaps one day with all of the inspiration I find here online & in our Forum I may attempt to DM again. Thank you all for listening to an old man tells his tale.

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Kevin Scott
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