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     Well gang for those of you "in the know" I've started going back to college. For this reason I've got nothing to add in the way of downloads for the library this week. But don't despair I found a very nice site the other day & thought perhaps you all might like to check it out. Now this isn't my usual cup of tea but I've got to contribute something to the Forum each week so here goes…. ~

    The Gamers Inn Library is a very nice very well set-up & thought out place to get game demos, Shareware, & yes even freeware. In the Gamers Inn they also have a chat room dedicated to gaming discussions. I hear tell that they free form Role Play in there as well. Each month this site also features a game for people to play right there on their site. They also host different contests & often offer prizes to the winners. One last note is that they also offer a message board where you can exchange information with other gamers.

    The Gamers Inn is really a pretty cool place to visit gang so check it out & let me know what you think. I'll get back to finding more downloads a information for you all next week & until then wish me luck on my final.

Gamers Inn

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