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I think you'll find this to be a most interesting account of a
Drow Cult.  (8kb)

This is as far as I know the complete set of Net plot books. I viewed these using word pad.
Vol. 1  (25kb)
Vol. 2  (32kb)
Vol. 3  (62kb)
Vol. 4  (43kb)
Vol. 5  (59kb)

Ever tried to find just the right sword? This should help it's The Gallery of Magical Blades. This seventy two page book has all kinds of enchanted blades with histories too. GM's & players alike will want to take a peek at this little tome! Give it a look. ~
This is the 4th version in Word format of the
Gallery of Magical Blades (197kb)

This is The Guide to Thieves Cant for AD&D in note pad format.
Thieves (11kb)

This is The AD&D Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Also known as the AD&D Guide to Sex. Here again I viewed this using word pad.
Guide to Sex (108kb)

This is The AD&D Guide to Alcohol I used word pad to read this interesting net book.
Alcohol (180kb)

This is The Netbook of Ghosts in Word format.
Ghosts (10kb)

Did you say that there aren't enough Demons in the monster manual? Well here is a supplement that will help! Players beware. It's a bargain! ~  This is The Complete Netbook of Demons & their Relatives written in Word format. 
Demons (232kb)

This is The Vampire & Vampirism Netbook in Word format.
Vampires (29kb)

This is the AD&D Guide to Hygiene in note pad format
Hygiene (15kb)

This is the AD&D Guide to Sanity in note pad format
Sanity (36kb)

The Net Wizards Handbook is 38 pages long.
Wizards (153kb)


This is "The Net Book of NPC's" the place to look for an NPC with a bit of background to him or her. It's just a zip file so enjoy!   
NPC's (122kb)

Traps1evil ways to torment your players This Word document is a great start! It has 18 really nice traps already. Just add as many as you like to enhance your AD&D game.

The Net Book of Poisons is 83 pages long.
Poisons (203kb)

The Great Net Prayerbook is 95 pages long.
Prayerbook Ad&d (278kb)

The Complete Nik-Nak Handbook is 56 pages long.
Ad&d Nik-Naks (53kb)

The Book of Ages is 18 pages long
Ages (83kb)

The Book of Souls: Ravenloft Netbook is 176 pages long.
Souls (488kb)

The Great Net Spellbook is 17 word documents. I think it’s the best compilation of spells I’ve ever seen.
Spellbook (1,354kb)