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A random map generator called Map Mage it is an awsome program but sadly it is not free but it is well worth the cost go to www.mapmage.com  and check it out.

Also there is a second program that i have called DunGen it can be found at 
http://www.rpghost.com/DunGen it to is a good random map maker but it does not really allow for much customization (i know i spelled that wrong)

The Gamemaster's Notebook is Copyright 1999 by Bruce A. Gulke. The names used in the calendar and hours files are from the Realm of Mythosa campaign setting, which is Copyright 1999 by Bruce A. Gulke.  This utility and the others in its line can be customized for your game setting or game system.
For questions, comments, and updates: 
WWW: http://pwp.starnetinc.com/akira 
E-mail: Bruce Gulke at akira@starnetinc.net 
GMNotebook.zip (3.05mb)

Price list which has been used with and is still in use with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, DragonQuest, HârnMaster, RoleMaster and RuneQuest.  The intention of this system is to replace the monetary system and the (often woefully incomplete) price lists provided with the games system. However, it is assumed that one penny is equal to the basic unit of currency in the game system when it is required to translate prices from the host game to this system. For instance, one AD&D silver piece is equivalent to 1d in this system. Jonathan M.Davidson Mail JMD
PriceLst.zip (140 kb)

This is a humorous look at types of Role players. I hope you all enjoy this funny text file about our favorite pastime.
Funnies (8kb)

Ever felt like making up your own language for your campaign. Well here’s just the thing to aid you in this process. Use this Windows program to make fantasy languages.
Languages (693kb)

"Don’t go in there!" Famous Last Words? Yep you betcha! Now here are a few that you might not have even thought of … yet. Some of these are very funny while others are quite true I’m sure. Either way check out this text file to see if your characters last breath has been recorded. ~¿º
Last Words (36kb)

This is a collection of fantasy fonts. All are True Type fonts, and the following are included: Alchemist (very cool!), Elvish, Dwarven, and a font that looks just like Matt Groening's (creator of the Simpsons) cartoonish handwriting. I don’t usually go this kind of stuff but these are very good & really really cool! ~¿º
Fantasy fonts (131 KB)

This program generates a random street with taverns, temples, towers and shops. You can then print out the maps and lists of properties.
Generator (114KB)

A nice quick way to create a treasure for any game! Includes spell book creation tool, coin conversion, normal items and editable source tables. Have fun with it folks!
Treasure (158KB)

Equipment management utility for role-playing games. This program can be adjusted to keep track of all of your characters’ processions.
Equip (10KB)

The Character Sketcher is a program that allows role-player’s who are not artists to quickly render sketches of player characters and NPC's.
Sketcher (321kb)

This program aids the game master in running large-scale warfare of two opposing armies. A simple press of the key lets you select troops terrain, weather, etc. The computer does the rest.
Warfare (51kb)

Randomly generates weather for use in a fantasy role-playing campaigns.
Weather ( 2,271kb)

This is an Excel Character Sheet I developed over several months to make calculations and references easier for CyberPunk 2020 players.
Sheet (17kb)

This is an adventure for CyberPunk 2020, to be played in a short amount of time by players whose attentions can only be kept by fast action and massive violence. It is also intended to be played with new, fairly low-level characters. Adventure (44kb)

GRID is a program born to make life easier for all the people who use hexagon maps. With it, you can draw your hexes, create your maps, print them, 'walk' on the maps while the program rolls for random encounters, and much more. Included are some ready settings, but it's easy to create new ones from scratch.
Grid (220kb)


Alternity Character Manager
This download sports a handy character organizer for the TSR, space genre Alternity game.  Thanks go out to Alternity GM who found this for us.
Alternity Character Manager (1.42mb)

The TableSmith is just one of the Campaign Master RPG Utilities. The utilities are tools intended to assist Gamemasters by automating some of their tasks, as well as making certain things easier (mapping, town generation, etc.). The Campaign Master suite of tools includes the Creature Library, Wilderness Mapper, Digital Minstrel, TableSmith, and many others.  This utility and the others in its line can be customized for your game setting or game system.
For more information on other Campaign Master tools, contact
Bruce Gulke at akira@starnetinc.net
Tablesmith.zip (2.24mb)

This is a Medieval Calendar Program written in Dos. Very nice though & it should help all to understand those unusual months.
Calendars (140kb)

This is a text file that covers commentary on spell casting in the game system Amber.
Spells (5kb)

This is a text file that covers combat tips for the game system Amber.
Combat (5kb)

This is a text file explaining a game called Spellcast. What it boils down to is that it’s a Wizards dueling system via hand gestures. I think that it could easily be used in an RPG or perhaps as one. Check it out & see for yourself. ~¿º
Spellcast (18kb)

This program helps creators (GM's, Writers, Players, etc) to determine the actual weight of a character instead of simply using a Scientific Wild Guess (SWG). It will work with any Bipedal (human-like) character but will not work with a Centaur or other type character. 1This is a nice little DOS program try it out!
Weight (28kb)

This is a height & weight generator with it you basically pick a starting height by race, vary for strength and random differences in the population; weight is based off height, strength, random variances, and your race. This should be a very handy little program for GM’s & players.
Height/Weight (114kb)

This is a MERP Character Generator. It handles all of the standard professions and some of the extras. It is MS-DOS based and has been given approval by ICE.
Character (13kb)

RMSS Combat Program for DOS / Windows Includes executable for DOS. Start the program with 'runrms.bat'. This program is not meant to be the 'be all and end all' of combat programs but to contain enough information and do enough of the processes within a combat to enable the DM to do what they're meant to ... "Make the game enjoyable for all". It is currently targeted more for MERP but the internal structures and processes have all the 'bits' for doing RM.
RMSS (200kb)

Use this program to produce random inns and taverns along with the folk that populate them. Even the menu of what they serve is here. This should be acceptable for most fantasy gaming systems. Best viewed in 800x600 resolution & have fun with it! ~¿º 
Inns (25kb) 

Game Name, a program that generates character names. This is a nice little program for windows.
Names (30kb)

The following is a Law Doc. This is the first of such a thing I've heard of & think it will be useful in settling disputes especially in town situations. Heck it could be modified to work in Vampire RPG. I think  
Law Formula (23kb)

GMCALC 32 Enhanced for Windows 95 This is a calculator for GMs for games using random values (dice). It has controls for the normal d4, d6, etc, plus special controls for GURPS, Star Wars, and others. Custom programming sequences are also available, so if a special roll (like that Star Wars character with a 6d+3 blaster jury-rigged for 3 more dice), it can be programmed onto it's own button.
GMCALC 32 (1.8mb)


Call of Cthulhu's Byakhee Character generator

Basement Games Adventures for Out of Chaos RPG
Amnesia RPG adventure (1.32 mb)

Undari Crypt RPG adventure (660 kb)

The Guide to Herbs for RPGs is 98 pages long.
Herbs (106kb)

This is a Top Secret/SI Character Generation Aide. It is in Dos but I think it will help our Top Secret players just the same.
Character Gen (59kb)

This is the Universal Table Runner (shareware) What it does is keep up with what ever tables you place in it. This is also a Dos program but it’s the first I’ve found of it’s kind & can be used with any gaming system. So check it out & have fun!
Tables (58kb)

This is an excellent for creating characters for the Call of Cthulhu game. It’s a very nice windows program I’m sure that fans of this game will find very useful!
CoC (910kb)

The Alien Name Generator Program for DOS. Will help you name those pesky little aliens that bother everyone in all for the sci-fi games. ~¿º
Names (22kb)

In this version of SpellView, new features have been added. These features include: A complete new SpellView for windows. A Virtual war room to make battles a little more visual. Psionic database added from the Doppelganger net book.

This program is simple but quite useful it can randomly generate a riddle for you based on the (included) riddle net book For those of you who have their own great riddles you can input them also.
Riddle (58kb)

Fantasy module builder is a DOS program. This is a program that will pump out a complete dungeon-maps, names, monsters, treasure, traps, descriptions, secret doors, etc. Very handy for when you just need a dungeon to play in.
Module (94kb)

Name Generator generates random names for your game. Including towns & magic weapons. This program is completely customizable. This is another way cool program, no one should be without! ~¿º
Names (1,591kb)

This Wilderness Mapper program will draw hex maps complete with notations & links to other maps, etc. This map-making program has to be the easiest to use that I’ve found yet! ~¿º
Mapper (3,946kb)

Some MERP documents these are MS-Word for Windows documents. They are for MERP and the zip file contains the following. A new character sheet, a complete herb list, a spell list summary, effects etc, all the DM needs to know, a monster summary list, all those "standard" monsters, and a rules summary, all the "basic" rules on one sheet These have been granted permission from ICE
Docs (42kb)

A collection of sheets with the most often-used tables from Shadowrun rulebooks published until mid-1995. Includes tables for combat, medical, decking, vehicles, social interactions, die rolling chances, and also record sheets for NPCs, vehicles, and IC. For MS Word 6.0
Tables (200kb)

Galaxy Builder is a tool for Science Fiction Role-Playing games. It allows you to randomly create a section of space. You view this section in 3d. It will generate all the stars, planets, and moons within the region of space. You can edit the sector once it is created. You can attach notes to any star, planet or moon. It is shareware though & it is best viewed in 800x600 resolution. That way you can see the whole Galaxy. Visit the creators website for up to date info.  http://www.kudzuclan.com/other/index.html
Galaxy Builder (634kb)

It's a character generator utility for (FASA's) Earthdawn RPG. It allows you to create and maintain a character with everything from Race to Equipment. This is really a nice little program & all the creator ask for in return is to know how you like it! :-) 
Generator (411kb)