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Dice Rollers

This is a very nice program that can roll any of the standard dice (d3, d4, d6, d8, d10, d20, d100), any multiple of times, with modifiers.
Windows program. (23.2 KB)

This is one zip file that no one should do without it contains two really great programs. The first is a name-generating program the second is a die generator these are small but extremely nice programs try them out today.
Zip (25KB)

RPG Dice is a great little program that has full string parsing (ie: 3d6+1d5+2) It also features some basic statistics about the rolling. Don’t miss this one it really is great.
Dice (30kb)

Polyhedron dice is a small utility written for simulating multi-sided dice on a computer. The "random" number generator, which this program contains, has a very good statistical distribution and scored very well on chi-squared tests for local and global randomness. This utility also features a wav. File that simulates the die rolling on the table very cool feature ~
Dice (90KB)

This dice gen utility features:
HISTORY -- You can now get a 10-roll history of what you rolled and clear that history.
MODIFIERS -- You may choose to add a modifier to your roll, anywhere from -10 through +10
NON-NEGATIVES -- You are able to choose if you want to be able to roll a 0 and negative numbers, or to not let you roll under a 1.
RANGE OF DICE -- You can roll any of the main dice you will need from 1d2 to 10d100
Dice (115KB)

This is pretty simple little program. Dicemaster is a bit different from other random die generators in that each die has it’s own little slot. The size on screen makes it easy to use in online game play too.
Dicemaster (754kb)

Irony Games dice server. The program also includes a little "notepad" editor that allows you to annotate your rolls and either save the result to a file or print the results.

Yet another Random Die roll generator. It allows for d2 thru d20, allows for modifiers to be added to both die totals and individual rolls. Includes a Percentile die and a 'roll all selected dice' button. Needs to be run at 800x600 resolution minimum.
Dice (6kb)

Random die generator, you can roll from 1 to 10 dice, and you can roll the following amounts of size on the dice: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, 30, and, 100. You can also add a modifier of a plus or a negative ten, or you can choose to let it roll negative numbers. I like that it stays on one side of the screen too.
Dice (114kb)

Vampire the Masquerade

These documents are character sheets for the WhiteWolf storyteller system.The Mage character sheet uses several magical fonts for decoration, whereas the Vampire sheet uses only the Wingdings font supplied with Windows. Both use the Chancery Black font for most headings. 
Vampire (38kb)
Mage (42kb)

This vampire character generator is kind of cool, because it does not require knowing the rules to keep within the rules. There are no spaces for merits and flaws, though, and you can't save the file to your computer. You can only print it. But it's still not a bad choice for beginning players to play with to get a feel for the different characters.  
Vamp Generator (175kb)

This vampire character generator is a bit harder to use, but it is more accurate, and allows for merits and flaws. It also allows for saving or printing characters. For the more advanced player who is used to the rules & knows the game. This is a nice little program, ~
Vamp Generator (141kb)

This is a Vampire Character sheet. For those of you who don't have one fill it in. Then print it out! Put your character on one nice neat sheet! Only a 38kb zip file use it again & again!
Vamp Character Sheet

Role Master

Rolemaster Character Management System V 2.0 is a character generator/manager for the Rolemaster Standard System (RMSS)
Get it here!

Rolemaster Character Management System v1.2The RCMS is a character generator/manager for the Rolemaster Standard System (RMSS). To use the RCMS, download the three files below, unzip them all into a single directory on your hard drive, and run 'setup'. Please Note: the author is no longer supporting or developing the RCMS v1.2. If you have problems, I'm afraid you're on your own. The source is available, so that is an option.
a. - File 1 of 3 of the Rolemaster Character Management System v1.2 (1.36M)
b. - File 2 of 3 of the Rolemaster Character Management System v1.2 (1.25M)
c. - File 3 of 3 of the Rolemaster Character Management System v1.2 (1.29M)
d.  - Source code for RCMS (95kb)

The Grand Campaign is for Rolemaster set in the Shadow World setting. The files are pdf format.
Part1   Part2   Part3   Part4   Part5   Part6

Hey all you Rolemaster Fans here's a program for you. It is a Character Generator. I know it's in DOS but it ain't to bad even though the author says it's not finished. Download it try it out & let him know what you think!
Generator (166kb)

Okay so I'm working overtime in the Rolemaster category! I just found another Character Generator. It is still in DOS & quite a bit different than the first. So you'll have to decide for yourself which one you like. Heck why not try them both!
Generator (87kb)

Star Wars

This is A Guide to Ships & Fighters for Star Wars role playing system The stats are for 1st edition Star Wars but should be helpful for players of the game. This is an HTML file.

This is A Character Skills Chart for the Star Wars role playing system. This file is in HTML. 

This is An Equipment Chart for the Star Wars role playing system. This file is in HTML.

Star Wars 1st edition RPG Module. This is an extremely nice & well laid out Module. Maps & vehicles are also included.
Module (102kb)

IFV 1000 / APC B - infantry fighting vehicle and personnel carrier. This is a new vehicle for the Star Wars system. This is also written in HTML so just click on it then print.

Star Wars Dice Roller and Range Difficulties. This is a GM Utility primarily designed for Windows 95. Don’t let the size of this one fool you this is a very nice program!
SW Dice (9KB)

Star Wars Roller for Win3.X Same GM Utility as above but designed for Windows 3.X needs this DLL file to run VBRUN300.DLL.
SW Dice W3.1 (13KB)

Star Wars Damage Table, this automated damage table for SW RPG 2nd Ed. R&E. For Win3.X users and above. Need VBRUN300.DLL to run this program. Again don’t allow the size of this zip file to fool you this is a nice little program.
Damage (9KB)

Star Wars Atlas DataBase for Windows 95. This is a very large Atlas program it contains a lot of information on the Star Wars galaxies & planets. I hope that you all find it very useful.
SW Atlas (3.4MB)

Star Wars Dice Roller. With this program you can roll up to 24 dice. Enable/Disable the Wild Dice function. It also can sit 'on top' of other applications this makes it perfect for gaming online & in chat rooms. It’s also small and compact so it doesn't take up your whole screen
SW Dice (9KB)

Powers & Skills of Omniscient Dark Side Master. This is a very good reference page for Star Wars fans! It’s in HTML so there’s nothing to download just click on the link & enjoy!
Dark Side

The Star Wars Roleplaying Game Database requires Win 3.1 or higher to run. The Installation, however, is executed via a DOS batch command. I have broken up the actual database into two parts. The first file consists of the necessary files to run the program. The second file consists of the music and sound (in WAV format) that accompanies the program. I highly recommend getting the sound pack if you have the space. If you don't like the sound you can delete the files later. I also split the music file into three smaller ones upon request, they are below the large music/sound file.
Star Wars Database   (765kb)
Sounds (3mb)
The smaller doses of this 3MB sound file.
Part 1 (1mb)
Part 2 (1mb)
Part 3 (1mb)

Star Wars fans I do hope that this will quench your thirst for a bit as the following are seven yes 7 adventures just for you! Each is written in HTML so there isn't anything to really download. Just click on the link & read or print out your favorites! Enjoy them gang. ~
Adventure One
Adventure Two
Adventure Three
Adventure Four
Adventure Five
Adventure Six
Adventure Seven