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*Adobe Acrobat Reader
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*Ad&d/D&D Books, Supplements,
*Ad&d/D&D Adventures
*Ad&d/D&D Utilities, Char Sheets, etc
*Harnmaster Utilities, Adventures, Sheets
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-Rolemaster Character Generators
-Dice rollers
*Miscellaneous Things Including
-Mapping utilities
-Cyberpunk stuff
-Handy little gaming utilities
-Lets just say too much to list here but miscellaneous

Call of Cthulhu's Byakhee Character generator

If you’ve ever down loaded something & then it wouldn’t work because you were missing a certain something. Well I’m providing this link to aid you in your search just click here & type in the file you need. Then hit the search button & you should find the file you’ve needed. Several people have asked me where to find them & this is where I get all of mine so enjoy my friends. ~
Findit (Link)

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A random map generator called Map Mage it is an awsome program but sadly it is not free but it is well worth the cost go to www.mapmage.com  and check it out.

Also there is a second program that i have called DunGen it can be found at 
http://www.rpghost.com/DunGen it to is a good random map maker but it does not really allow for much customization (i know i spelled that wrong)

D. Brooks

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