World of Darkness  

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Game Play in the Chat Sessions

A system is necessary for all players to understand what other characters are doing.  All the scheduled games here use the following system, and free form games flow well using it also.

Chatiquette Explanation Example
[Action] For Actions the character performs [Looks around the city street cautiously]
::Thought:: For thoughts that would be obvious to others watching the person ::What a bunch of dead heads::
Person: Used when speaking to a specific person. This will save confusion in chat Tony: Are we supposed to be in this part of town?
[Person] Used when the storyteller gives the player a Non-Player Character to interact with or control [Bob]Tony: Ya! I thought this area was off limits or sumthin....
[PH] Used when talking to a character over a phone [PH]Sasha: Yes, Sasha? This is Randolf. Is 6th St and Elm off limits?
@@ Used when a certain character is not around the rest of those participating in the story. Everyone is in the Mansion enjoying the party, except for Sasha who is at her Haven. Other symbols such as % and & can be assigned by the storyteller if there are more than one set of separated parties

@ [Paces her home impatiently] @

@[Speaks to the empty room] Why am I so completely alone?...@

%[Walks down the street after leaving the mansion]%