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Shadow of Dallas
A Wraith The Oblivion Chronicle

Have you not wondered?

The shadows lengthen on the wall... It seems darker, really though, it is because you are having trouble seeing.. Your brain is slow in sending electric impulses to your body, your nerves are slowly firing, and you twitch slightly... And then you are gone.

Have you not hidden from this?

The world spins, pulling in on it self, and you follow, willingly. You have entered Oblivion Here is everything that you had dreamed of, the nightmare realms of the dead. They are not the mystical places that your mortal life heard of, they are merely the afterglow, the fading. That is where you are now.

Have you not dreamt of this place?

You see it all, and can comprehend nothing. Then there is clarity. For every wraith, it comes differently, yet sooner or later, it comes. You have begun to awaken, and it is in that state that you find yourself, shrouded in darkness, waiting for the light, and the new dawn. And it fast approaches

Have you not imagined another world?

Enter here, my fellows, the realm of the soul, the realm of shadow and darkness. Here you may find the peace and strife of life, without the fading of time. But beware the Maelstrom that will pull you down, that will call you home again. The dread lords and fallen angels await you in the realms of Oblivion

Have you not dreamed your waking dream for far too long?